About this artwork Media Scratchboard art 5″ x 5″ Description Pluto, the most beloved dwarf planet. This has become the most loved planet in part because of it’s demotion from planet to dwarf-planet. As part of my project is showing the planets in proper scale compared to each other it becomes clear at least one […]


About this artwork Description People have long dreamed about living on Mars. It is far smaller than most people think, dry, dark, with a thin atmosphere, and very cold. Media Scratchboard Illustration 5″ x 5″  

Jupiter scratchboard

Moonrise on Jupiter

About this artwork Description An arora forms at the top of Jupiter as the moons chase each other around the planet. Storms churn in increasingly elaborate patterns. At only a fraction the size of the sun Jupiter is our largest planet, and still a long way from having the density it needs to burn even […]


About this artwork Description Mercury is a 5″ x 5″ planet scratchboard study for a large scale project I am working on. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. Media Scratchboard Illustration 5″ x 5″