The Sailing Trip

About this artwork Media Scratchboard art / illustration 8.5″ x 11″ Description A peaceful day sailing as a star emerges from behind the planet the vessel is approaching. The solar sails of the ship stretch to either side and light reflects of the surface. This piece is about exploration, and the forward momentum science brings […]

Dead Leaf

About this artwork Media Scratchboard art leaf / illustration 11″ x 14″ Description One of my favorite memories from growing up was watching leaves change color and fall slowly to the ground. I was often amazed that there were always a couple leaves that managed to hold on. they where clearly dead, but just wouldn’t […]


About this artwork Media Scratchboard art 5″ x 5″ Description Pluto, the most beloved dwarf planet. This has become the most loved planet in part because of it’s demotion from planet to dwarf-planet. As part of my project is showing the planets in proper scale compared to each other it becomes clear at least one […]

Untitled Scratchboard

About this artwork Description This untitled artwork was created as a stream of thought project. I did not plan anything in the artwork or sketch any ideas instead opting to let the artwork form itself. Starting with a few lines and letting it develop and change direction as i was creating it. Media Scratchboard Illustration […]

The Dancer

The Dancer About this artwork Description The Dancer is a scratchboard artwork created during a live modeling session. The model was very thin, and you could see every muscle, I tried to capture this in the drawing. Media Scratchboard Illustration 5″ x 5″  

Primordial Ooze

About this artwork Description This scratchboard is called Primordial Ooze. It was made to evoke a feeling of wonder, curiosity and a touch of fear. When creating this work, I was in the habit of reading a lot of books on evolution by natural selection. To create this work i started with a couple lines, […]


About this artwork Description People have long dreamed about living on Mars. It is far smaller than most people think, dry, dark, with a thin atmosphere, and very cold. Media Scratchboard Illustration 5″ x 5″  

Geppetto’s Workshop

About this artwork Description Geppetto works on his famous puppet who will ultimately want to be a real person. In some sense all of us are trying to be real, we are always trying to define who we are, and what we are, and never fully achieve a set identity. Identity itself is an evolution […]

Dwarf Planets

About this artwork Description This is the study of the dwarf planets in our solar system. This is the study for a large scale scratchboard artwork I hope to complete in 2017 or 2018. When working with scratchboard 6 x 6 feet it is important to plan, and this among other works are all parts […]