About this artwork


Scratchboard art 5″ x 5″


Pluto, the most beloved dwarf planet. This has become the most loved planet in part because of it’s demotion from planet to dwarf-planet. As part of my project is showing the planets in proper scale compared to each other it becomes clear at least one of the reasons it was demoted. It is smaller than many moons in our solar system and does not orbit in the same plane as the rest of the planets. It’s ok Pluto, we still love you.

As I was creating this artwork I thought about the planet being so far from the sun. The fact that the sun would appear as an especially bright star in the sky but not all that much bigger.

The Process

Each scratchboard starts off completely black and an exacto blade is used to make small scratches in the surface revealing the white clay layer. Colored inks are then used to add color to the white clay surface. Once the color is added an additional layer of scratching creates highlights in the colored drawing. Once complete the scratchboards are sealed to protect them from UV light and make them more resistant to damage.

About the Artist

Robert Vander Voord has been working with scratchboard for over 10 years. He started as an artist focusing more on painting but fell in love with scratchboard as a medium. He often focuses on science and science-fiction themes in his work.